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The Dummies Guide to Hashtags

Using Hashtags in social media content can help your business to reach your potential customer and your content can be easily discoverable. Customers can easily filter content based on hashtags to discover new products that you recommend, topics you discuss, events your organize and even trending news. Hashtags essentially make your content easily accessible to all people who are interested in your service even though they are not your followers.

But using random hashtags is not useful, the more relevant hashtags you will use in your post the more engagement you will get. Also knowing when and in which social media to use hashtags is crucial to get most out of hashtags.

So what is a #hashtag?

> A word that beings with a hash symbol ‘#’

> It is a way of categorizing content for easy discoverable

> A way of making your content a little more fun/interesting e.g. #mondaymotivation #catvideo

> A way of letting people know what you are talking about certain event e.g. #iphoneevent

Hashtag basics:

It is certain that using relevant hashtags can be the best way to create more engagement and reach more people. But does that mean we can use any hashtags and tag each word in the content? Here are few hashtag basics you can apply for your next social media post:

1) Don’t use too long hashtags or too offbeat hashtags

2) Avoid using a hashtag in every word.

3) Be specific when using hashtags in your post

4) Use a mix of both branded and common hashtags

5) In Twitter use maximum up to 3 hashtags and on Instagram, you can use up to 10 hashtags.

How to use hashtags on a different social network:

Each social network has its own rules on how to use hashtags. Understanding following tips will help you in making a better hashtags strategy for each social media.


When it comes to twitter using relevant hashtag helps in driving engagement because a tweet with hashtag drives 12% more engagement than a tweet without any hashtag. That is why Business and Influencers love to use hashtags in every tweet to boost engagement and drive traffic but at the same time using too many hashtags in your tweets not useful because the study shows that when you start using 3 or more hashtags your tweet engagement comes down to 20%.


Unlike Twitter and Instagram using hashtags in a Facebook post does not help in boost engagement. So stick to 1 popular hashtag and one common hashtag related to your brand so that when your followers will click on those hashtags they can also discover relevant posts related to that popular hashtag.


Do you want to experiment which hashtags create more engagement, then Instagram is the best social media platform? Using hashtags in the Instagram post let other users discover your content easily and thereby expose your content to a larger audience. Content with 11 or more hashtags drives more engagement than content without any hashtags. But make sure you use hashtags in such a way that it does not look like spam. Instagram also has a unique feature, once you include any hashtag in your post it will suggest how many other posts are using the same hashtag and how popular is that hashtag.


If you want to build your Pinterest followers and get more engagement then use hashtags in your pin descriptions or in the sentence itself. You can use a mix of branded and common hashtags in your pin.Don’t use more than 3 hashtags in your pin otherwise, it will look like spam.

There are other social media platforms where you can use hashtags while posting any content so that your customer can easily discover



> Kickstarter


Tools to identify relevant hashtag:

But how do you find relevant hashtags to use in your social media content? Here are some of the best hashtag tools you can use to find and research relevant and trending hashtags :


Hashtagify is the most advanced search engine for hashtags for both Twitter and Instagram. It searches and gives you the most relevant hashtags related to your brand or industry, Top influencers who are using that hashtag, Usage patterns. Also, it gives some of the top tweets who are using these trending hashtags.


This is another popular platform to find out trending hashtags across Twitter and can even add these hashtags to post while sharing. This is a useful tool that will help you choose most relevant hashtags for your social media.


This tool helps you analyze your social media account to see which hashtags used most often and which is most relevant. So that you can ignore those hashtags which are not relevant and does not create any engagement.

Tweet binder:

Tweet Binder is another useful tool for monitoring and analyzes most relevant hashtags. Enter any hashtags that you would like to use in your next post and Tweet Binder will suggest latest 2000 tweets that have been used by other people using that hashtag. You can see tweets which are most popular using a particular hashtag and replicate the same strategy when you tweet to get more engagement.


This tool offers lots more information such as Trending hashtags, popular hashtags by industry, etc. You can use this tool to track relevant hashtags and get detail analytics by time, trending profile, related hashtags, and recent tweets.


Choosing the right hashtag for your Instagram post can create more engagement and potential customer can find your post easily when they search by a particular hashtag. But finding relevant and popular hashtags often takes time and we don’t know which hashtags will bring more engagement. This interesting tool can help you in finding the most popular and relevant hashtags for your next Instagram post. When you search for any keyword it will show you 30 similar hashtags often used by other business along with the choice of your hashtag. Also on top of that, it will show a relevance and popularity score for each of these hashtags to make it easier to choose the best hashtags. Also, it has a feature where you can find out which are the hashtags most popular in the different city of the world

When used effectively Hashtags can be quite useful to get extra reach, attention, increase website traffic and SEO. A hashtag is really a useful tool to maximise your brand potential.