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Top 4 Instagram Metrics You Need To Track

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms for marketers to engage with the potential customer, generate leads and to be on top of the mind of a customer. But most companies and marketer are not accurately measuring their marketing efforts. Analyzing Instagram analytics with these key metrics will help you measure the success of your marketing strategy:

1) Number of followers: Number of followers your account generates over time is an important metrics to measure but make sure you gain quality followers instead of focusing only on quantity. Make sure you measure the result of followers increase or decrease based on content that you share.Also, followers are not the only metric for your Instagram account success so don’t be obsessed too much on getting followers that you actually forget how to engage with existing followers.

2) Engagement rate: One of the best metrics to measure your engagement rate is how often your content is liked and commented overtime. When a user likes or comments in your content it means that your content is in line with your customer interest. Set a benchmark for measuring engagement rate to monitor rise and fall of engagement rate over a period of time. By measuring engagement rate you can create a certain type of content that resonates with your followers.

3) UGC (User generated content): There are millions of UGC shared about different brands in Instagram. By monitoring keywords or hashtags related to your brand/products can help you to know how your brand perceived online. It also helps in identifying influencers who talk about your brand and spread the positive word.

4) Clicks: Finally you should get ROI from the post.Do your followers click on the URL that you share in your Instagram bio or post? You can track the click rate in google analytics to know how many clicks you are getting per post.

These metrics are most important to get started with your Instagram marketing effort.

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