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20 Post Ideas to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Coming with new content ideas for social media post is often time-consuming and at the same time posting engaging content regularly is also important to engage with your followers. These 20 post ideas will bring more engagement to your social media page.

  1. New product launch-Showcase new product launch and where your customer can buy it
  2. Behind the scene work-Show, your audience a glimpse at a recent product launch or a never before seen (appropriate) pic of your co-workers at a work function
  3. Happy customer picture/customer testimonials-Best way to attract more social proof
  4. Share popular quotes-Motivational, inspiring quotes
  5. Events-Pictures of latest company events
  6. Coupons-Give coupons and discounts during festivals or new year or mother’s day
  7. Fill in the blanks-For example “This year my goal is to —————“
  8. Ask questions-For example “3 things you like most about our product:
  9. Statistics or data about your industry-For example “91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels”
  10. Post a short video
  11. Ask for review or suggestions
  12. Facts about your products
  13. Tips and tricks: Write a how-to guide to help your audience, tips for saving money, getting organized, or places to see on vacation
  14. Share your popular blog posts
  15. The customer of the month
  16. Predictions: We predict that “Germany will win 2018 FIFA world cup”
  17. True or false question
  18. Thank customer or followers
  19. Repost old video, images or blog post
  20. share trending news happening in your city, Country

Just remember to keep your posts simple, relate them to your ideal customers’ values and interests, engage in the conversation, and stay up on responses.